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Hospital Manager


Rhiannon Haskett

Hospital Manager


How long have you been working at Hometown?

Since May of 2019.

What do you like most about working at Hometown?

I like seeing all of the pets who are truly loved by their families! Each and every animal that is a part fo the Hometown family is deeply loved by their family at home, and our doctors provide care and treatment with that in mind.

What made you decide to work in the veterinary field?

I grew up here! I spent many childhood summers cleaning, sending out reminder postcards and filing paper charts under the strict supervision of my mom, Hometown alumni Darla. I've spent my adult life managing in different areas of retail, but ended up back here due for my love for this practice.

Do you have any pets of your own? If so, what kind?

YES! Three cats: Marshall, Handsome, and Gretel; and one dachshund named Banks!