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Hometown Animal Hospital

Canine Dental Care

Advanced and Preventative Dental Care for your Dog.

At ALL PETS DENTAL, we believe twice a year dental exams and then, depending on how well you are able to provide daily plaque and tarter control, annual professional tooth scaling and polishing under anesthesia to treat and maintain your dog's healthy teeth and gums. During this oral hygiene visit:

  • Your dog will receive a visual oral exam where your dog's mouth is initially evaluated. Then your pet will receive a blood test to check the health status of his or her vital organs.

  • A sedative will be given to make him/her calm before we place your dog under. While asleep we will take digital x-rays to further identify hidden problems that may need care, and evaluate your dog's gums and teeth with a periodontal instrument.

  • Each tooth will be scaled above and below the gum line using ultrasonic equipment and hand scaling techniques to remove plaque and calculus.

  • Each tooth will also be polished to delay the re-attachment of plaque/calculus by smoothing the tooth surface after scaling is completed.

  • The exam findings will be discussed with you while your dog is still under anesthesia before any additional treatment is provided. Medication(s) and aftercare instructions will be clearly explained to you.

  • We will call you with a status report once the procedure has been completed. Most patients are sent home the same day.

  • Follow-up visits will be scheduled at the time of discharge.

  • A referral report will be sent to your veterinarian if you were referred.

Advanced dental procedures provided by ALL PETS DENTAL:

  • Periodontal treatments

  • Extractions

  • Root canals

  • Restorations

  • Endodontics - root canal

  • Restoration - fillings and crowns

  • Orthodontics - braces

  • Oral surgery - tumors and fractures